Shock Waves presents Shock Waves: Join your hosts Rob Galluzzo (Senior Editor:, FEARnet, Icons Of Fright), Elric Kane (This Week In Horror, Inside Horror) and Rebekah McKendry (Editor In Chief:, Fangoria) for a weekly discussion and analysis of all facets of the horror genre! Shock Waves puts the focus on the latest horror films, retrospectives on classic titles and welcomes very special guests for all aspects of the industry to tackle a variety of topics and give listeners candid insight into how some of the best genre films are made. Shock Waves is here to quench your insatiable thirst for all things horror!
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Dec 26, 2016

This is it! The last episode of Shock Waves for 2016! And it's an extended episode where we countdown our top 10 horror films of the year! Your hosts Rob Galluzzo, Ryan Turek, Elric Kane and Rebekah McKendry welcome a very special guest to join in on the fun, Clarke Wolfe from Collider Nightmares! And since Rob, Elric and Bekah made up the podcast Killer POV, and Ryan and Clarke were formally known as The Bloodcast, this makes it a Killer POV / Bloodcast reunion! What will be on the gang's collective lists? Will studio fare like LIGHTS OUT, DON'T BREATHE and THE CONJURING 2 break the top 10? Where do Korean imports like THE WAILING and TRAIN TO BUSAN rank? What about indie favorites like THE WITCH, THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE and THE EYES OF MY MOTHER? You'll have to tune in to find out! Also, we discuss our favorite horror TV, best discovery of the year, favorite performances, best Blu-Ray release and much, much more. If you want to know the best of 2016 horror, we've got you covered!

Dec 21, 2016

Horror fans, it's a Christmas miracle! This time of year, we tend to pull out holiday specific horror films to marathon and get us in the mood for Christmas. On the top of most of our queue's would be SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT, Parts 1 and 2! For this special holiday episode of Shock Waves, your hosts Rob Galluzzo, Ryan Turek, Rebekah McKendry and Elric Kane have invited two very special guests on. For the first time anywhere, we've brought together Robert Brian Wilson, Billy from SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT and Eric Freeman, Ricky from SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT PART 2! It's a family reunion for these cinematic siblings! Kick back, grab some spiked egg nog, and listen as we get the full story on how both ended up playing a killer Santa in their respective films, how the controversies after the fact affected them both personally and professionally, and how they discovered the cult fanbase for these movies all these years later. Both are very humble about their cinematic counterparts, and very candid and up front in this in depth interview. For fans that have always grown up with the SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT movies, this episode is a must listen for you! Have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy Garbage Day!

Dec 19, 2016

For episode 31 of Shock Waves, join your hosts Rob Galluzzo, Elric Kane, Rebekah McKendry and Ryan Turek as they welcome to the show very special guest Bryan Fuller! A life long horror fan, we go way back to the beginning and discuss Fuller's earliest horror recollections, starting with his love of THE MUNSTERS. We delve into growing up a voracious horror reader, in particular of movie novelizations! We talk about how he got into TV and how he went about adapting such iconic characters such as CARRIE and HANNIBAL for television. And we find out how he takes his love of Hitchcock with him to every writer's room. Kick back, fellow fiends! This is a fun, candid chat about the love of horror with one of TV's sharpest creative minds!

Dec 16, 2016

This week on Shock Waves, join your hosts Rob Galluzzo, Ryan Turek, Rebekah McKendry and Elric Kane as they catch up on all the latest horrors! First up, we talk about the rise of the "Shockers," the new Facebook group "Shock Waves Horror Movie Club" created by our listeners and fully endorsed by the Shock Waves crew! In an attempt to catch up on the year end horror releases, Rob watched DEMON, I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER and THE EYES OF MY MOTHER. Bekah watched THE BLAIR WITCH and the Netflix Series 3%. Ryan reports back on SPECTRAL and MERCY. Elric got his Christmas Horror fix with SILENT NIGHT BLOODY NIGHT, and also watched MICROWAVE MASSACRE, the Chuck Norris slasher SILENT RAGE and AMSTERDAMNED! Rob also checked out the recent Vestron Blu-Ray releases for RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 3 and CHUD II: BUD THE CHUD! Kick back, relax and join the conversation!

Dec 12, 2016

On episode 29 of Shock Waves, your hosts Ryan Turek, Rob Galluzzo, Rebekah McKendry and Elric Kane welcome to the show very special guest Jackson Stewart, the director and co-writer of BEYOND THE GATES! Having known the hosts personally for several years, we dive right into a discussion of his earliest horror recollections, his experiences on SUPERNATURAL, working for Stuart Gordon and the inspiration behind his script with Stephen Scarlata for BEYOND THE GATES. We also get a handful of rare horror recommendations from Jackson, who was the one that originally turned us onto the madness that is BLOOD RAGE! Kick back, relax and enjoy this candid conversation with this emerging new horror filmmaker! 

Dec 9, 2016

Join your hosts Ryan Turek, Rob Galluzzo, Rebekah McKendry and Elric Kane as they catch up on all the latest horrors! But first, this episode kicks off with a special visit from Chris Cullari and Jennifer Raite, the creators of the new You Tube Red series 12 DEADLY DAYS! We get a preview of the Christmas horror anthology show, which features genre directors such as Joe Lynch and Eduardo Sanchez! Ryan talks about upcoming horror films THE UNTAMED (from Mexico) and 1974 (from Spain). Elric has seen THE EYES OF MY MOTHER, THE FITS and SiREN. Bekah checked out DON'T GO TO SLEEP and ROSE RED. Rob reports back from the "Museum of Death," as well as on the films THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE and FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLF MAN, which leads into a discussion about the upcoming Universal Monster Universe, which will be kicked off by the Tom Cruise fronted THE MUMMY! We talk our reactions to the new trailer and featurette, as well as our hopes for the famous monsters going forward. Kick back, relax and join the conversation!

Dec 5, 2016

In Part 2 of Shock Waves Episode 27, join your hosts Ryan Turek, Rob Galluzzo, Rebekah McKendry and Elric Kane as they go behind the scenes on the SyFy hit series CHANNEL ZERO: CANDLE COVE with creator and showrunner Nick Antosca and series writer Harley Peyton. Now that the 6 episode mini-series has wrapped, we delve into how the series came to be, the inspiration behind the terrifying "tooth kid" monster, what we can expect from Season Two of CHANNEL ZERO: NO END HOUSE and much, much more. We even touch upon Peyton's work on TWIN PEAKS and collaborating with David Lynch and Mark Frost, and get the scoop on Antosca's script for the latest FRIDAY THE 13TH! Kick back, relax and join in on the conversation! 

Dec 2, 2016

The whole Shock Waves gang - Rob Galluzzo, Ryan Turek, Rebekah McKendry and Elric Kane return to usher in the last batch of episodes for the year 2016, and they're here to discuss all the latest horrors! On this episode, Ryan revisited the ALIENS franchise, as well as the cult classic CHUD. Bekah reports back on THE EYES ON MY MOTHER and PATHOLOGY. Elric caught 80's slasher classic THE INITIATION, Bryan Bertino's THE MONSTER and Shudder's BEYOND THE WALLS. The gang also discuss LAST GIRL STANDING and KILLER PARTY, as well as Synapse's new Blu-Ray release of Dario Argento's PHENOMENA. Kick back, relax and join the conversation! 

Nov 25, 2016

Join Rob Galluzzo and Ryan Turek for a second helping of Thanksgiving goodness in this bonus Shock Waves episode devoted solely to the musical evolution of THE EVIL DEAD franchise! We go in chronological order to listen to and discuss the work of composer Joseph LuDuca on THE EVIL DEAD, EVIL DEAD 2, ARMY OF DARKNESS and ASH VS EVIL DEAD. We divert briefly to hear one of the themes by Roque BaƱos for the EVIL DEAD remake. And then we play and analyze Joe LuDuca's brand new "re-imagined" score coming next year from Mondo / Death Waltz. If you love the spooky, creepy atmosphere created by the music of THE EVIL DEAD, this is the episode for you!

Nov 24, 2016

Join your Shock Waves co-hosts Rob Galluzzo and Ryan Turek as they discuss and listen to the musical evolution of the SCREAM franchise! They go in chronological order playing snippets of Marco Beltrami's score for Wes Craven's SCREAM films, and check out the new score by composer Jeremy Zuckerman for MTV's SCREAM: THE TV SERIES. How has the music of the franchise evolved to match the story evolutions on screen? Can Rob win Ryan over with the music from the TV series? Kick back, relax and join the conversation! 

Nov 21, 2016

In part 2 of episode 26, the Shock Waves crew are thrilled to welcome to the show very special guest John Karna, who plays Noah on MTV's SCREAM: THE TV SERIES! Over the course of 2 seasons and a Halloween special, Noah is to the TV series what Randy Meeks (Jamie Kennedy) was to the SCREAM movie franchise; the movie savvy horror nerd that knows all the rules and has seen all the genre flicks! He's quickly become a fan favorite, and now we get to delve deep into the workings of the show!

John admits to being a listener to both Killer POV and Shock Waves and that it helped in his research for the character of Noah. He tells us about the audition process, the many changes that happened in both seasons while they were shooting, his recollections of watching the original SCREAM and much, much more. If you're a fan of the show, this is the podcast for you!

Nov 18, 2016

In the first part of Shock Waves episode 26, join your co-hosts Rob Galluzzo, Elric Kane and Ryan Turek as they talk about all the latest horrors! Elric brings up the latest season of BLACK MIRROR, and also saw TRAIN TO BUSAN, ISLE OF THE DEAD and MY LIFE DIRECTED BY NICOLAS WINDING REFN. Ryan recommends Scream Factory's new web show HORROR HUNTERS, as well as the films FEAR ITSELF, Abel Ferrara's 1993 BODY SNATCHERS adaptation and the new WAXWORK Blu-Ray. Rob revisited Neil Marshall's 2008 post-apocalyptic cult classic DOOMSDAY and delves into the new Shout Select library with NIGHTHAWKS and TO LIVE AND DIE IN L.A.

The gang then each pick a handful of horror titles currently streaming on Netflix Instant specifically catered to our listeners. Tune in and get all the latest on the horror genre here!

Nov 14, 2016

In Part 2 of episode 25, join your hosts Rob Galluzzo, Ryan Turek, Elric Kane and Rebekah McKendry as they welcome on special guests Chela Johnson and Garo Setian from Lionsgate! Chela is the Vice President of marketing in Home Entertainment and the one that helped make this Vestron line a reality! And Garo is an in-house editor for Lionsgate and has been the man behind hundreds of trailers, TV spots and promotional videos, including the new trailers for the Vestron Blu-Ray releases.

We delve into their history with horror and Lionsgate. Discuss the first 6 titles in the Vestron Blu-Ray library, which consist of CHOPPING MALL, BLOOD DINER, WAXWORK 1 and 2, RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 3 and CHUD II: BUD THE CHUD. Not only do we learn about how this line came to be, but we make suggestions for titles we'd personally like to see. 

Then we talk about the importance of horror movie trailers! This includes the most successful ones, our favorite teasers and much, much more. Kick back, relax and enjoy!

Nov 11, 2016

In Part 1 of episode 25, the whole gang consisting of Rob Galluzzo, Ryan Turek, Elric Kane and Rebekah McKendry gather to discuss the latest horrors! Ryan reports back from New Orleans over Halloween weekend, and tells us about the House Of Shock haunted house! Elric watched THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR, a double bill of RABID and SLUGS, the original CAT PEOPLE and THE 7TH VICTIM. Bekah checked out Blue Underground's new Blu-Ray of MANHATTAN BABY. Rob recommends Scream Factory's new CARRIE collector's edition, as well as Severin's new Blu-Ray release of the documentary THE KILLING OF AMERICA. 

Rob also saw the new doc THE TRAIL OF DRACULA, which opened up a discussion on the history of DRACULA films. What are the best? What are the most radical? Who is our favorite? And can DRACULA re-emerge in the current climate of horror?

Lastly, we took to our Facebook page to answer listener questions about everything from best double bills, to horror films we wish had sequels, what we'd like to see get adapted for TV and much, much more. Kick back, relax and join the conversation!

Nov 7, 2016

In the second portion of episode 24 of Shock Waves, your hosts Rob Galluzzo, Elric Kane and Rebekah McKendry sit down with the one and only Lloyd Kaufman, president of Troma Entertainment, the longest standing truly independent film company. In this candid, yet fun chat, we get to learn a bit about Lloyd's humble beginnings in the film business, how he met Troma's Michael Herz, his early comedy successes with SQUEEZE PLAY and THE FIRST TURN-ON, hooking up with John Avildsen and helping on ROCKY, and much, much more.

We discuss the origins of THE TOXIC AVENGER, how he gave everyone from James Gunn to Eli Roth to Trey Parker & Matt Stone their starts in the film business, to the drastic changes of independent filmmaking and more over the course of this interview. Kick back, relax and listen to one of horrors most fascinating raconteurs tell it like it is!

Nov 4, 2016

In the first part of episode 24, join your hosts Rob Galluzzo, Elric Kane and Rebekah McKendry as they catch up on all the latest horrors! First up, every reports back on their Halloween. Rob celebrated with a handful of horror anthologies including John Carpenter's BODY BAGS, DEADTIME STORIES and TERROR TRACT. Elric went with some classics such as THE WOLF MAN, THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD, HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER and Oz Perkins' Netflix original I AM THE PRETTY THING THAT LIVES IN THE HOUSE. Bekah catches up on CHANNEL ZERO and AMERICAN HORROR STORY, and watched LADY IN WHITE and some Disney Halloween goodies. Rob also discusses Netflix's 3rd series of THE FALL starring Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan.

Then Bekah challenges both Rob and Elric to a little trivia! Two games: in the first, she names a famous restaurant name and we have to identify what horror movie or TV show it's from. And then, we're provided with a horror movie quote, and must answer which movie it originates from! Play along and join the conversation!

Oct 30, 2016

It's Halloween! Join Rob Galluzzo and Ryan Turek, along with special guest Tony Giles for this special bonus episode of Shock Waves! In honor of the holiday, we're playing records and music recommendations from Alfred Hitchcock, Freddy Krueger, Elvira, GHOST, Slasher Film Festival Strategy, SURVIVE, Slasher Dave and much, much more. Tony announces a special Lakeshore Records contest to Shock Waves listeners, and Rob challenges Ryan and Tony in a game to identify which HALLOWEEN sequel a series of audio clips is from! Kick back and enjoy! Happy Halloween!

Oct 28, 2016

Join your hosts Rob Galluzzo, Ryan Turek, Elric Kane and Rebekah McKendry as they discuss all the latest horrors! First, the gang catches up on horror TV with THE EXORCIST, THE WALKING DEAD, ASH VS EVIL DEAD, CHANNEL ZERO and much more. Bekah checked out THE CONJURING 2, PURGE: ELECTION YEAR & DEAD END DRIVE-IN. Elric revisited the original THE HAUNTING, and reports back on OUIJA 2 and UNDER THE SHADOW. Rob talks the new Blu-Ray releases of WAXWORK and BURIAL GROUND, and finally got to see Don Coscarelli's KENNY & COMPANY. Ryan watched the bonkers THE PIT, and teases LAKE BODOM. 

Then we welcome to the show very special guest Leigh Whannell! We get candid and learn about the origins of SAW and INSIDIOUS, what went wrong on DEAD SILENCE, and how his creative relationship with James Wan works. We also discuss "haunted house" horror and try to break down why this specific sub-genre of horror is the scariest! We also give our Halloween movie picks! Kick back, relax and join the conversation.

Oct 24, 2016
HALF PAST MIDNIGHT is a new podcast dedicated to bizarre news, weird history, legends and folklore, creepypasta, paranormal phenomena, conspiracy theories, hoaxes, myths, monsters, madness and more!
On our first episode, we tackle the touchy topic "What's the deal with all the creepy clowns?" We're joined by special guest Joshua Ryan Zehner, a professional clown whose resume includes gigs with Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, Cirque du Soleil, and The Amazing Johnathan!
Oct 21, 2016

Join your hosts Rob Galluzzo, Elric Kane, Rebekah McKendry and Ryan Turek as they touch base on all the latest horrors! Ryan revisited ALICE SWEET ALICE, WOLF and THE FRIGHTENERS. Rob & Elric hit up Screamfest for TRASH FIRE. Rob also caught the 1979 Frank Langella DRACULA and FROM THE DARK via Shudder. Elric saw THE MASTER CLEANSE and reports back on The Tension Experience! Bekah's been watching a lot of TV including CHANNEL ZERO: CANDLE COVE, FALLING WATER and CRY BABY LANE. 

Then we welcome to the show very special guest Oz Perkins, former actor and now writer/director behind the Netflix original I AM THE PRETTY THING THAT LIVES IN THE HOUSE (debuting Oct 28th) and the highly anticipated FEBRUARY, aka THE BLACKCOAT'S DAUGHTER. He shares a lot of insight into his creative process, what he learned about the business from his father Anthony Perkins, tells us which horror films excite him and confesses that he almost directed a FRIDAY THE 13TH movie. A great chat and his first ever podcast! Kick back, relax and listen!

Oct 14, 2016

Join your hosts Rob Galluzzo, Elric Kane, Ryan Turek and Rebekah McKendry as they catch up on all the latest horrors, and this week, there was a lot to catch up on! The entire gang reports back on Beyond Fest 2016 where they got to see DAWN OF THE DEAD 3D, SADAKO VS KAYAKO, THE BAD BATCH, THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE, THE MONSTER, RAW and much more! Elric survived the New Beverly's annual all-night horror marathon, which screened 35mm prints of RACE WITH THE DEVIL, THE HORROR OF BEACH PARTY, RAWHEAD REX, BAY OF BLOOD, SLAUGHTER HIGH and TICKS! Rob delves into Scream Factory's EXORCIST III Blu-Ray and the differences between both cuts, as well as LADY IN WHITE.

Then we're happy to welcome to the show very special guest John Murdy, the creative director and executive producer of Universal's Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood, California! We delve into the history of the horror mazes, the process of obtaining well-known properties, the work that goes into executing this event every year and much, much more. It's a candid peek behind the curtain from a genuine horror fan that loves this stuff as much as we do. Kick back and listen! 

Oct 7, 2016

Join your hosts Rob Galluzzo, Elric Kane, Rebekah McKendry and Ryan Turek as they catch up on all the latest horrors! First up, the gang all attended Universal's Halloween Horror Nights in Hollywood, CA and report back on the entire experience! Also in full swing is Beyondfest! Rob talks about the Fabio Frizzi live re-score to THE BEYOND! Elric attended the premiere of the PHANTASM 4K restoration with PHANTASM RAVAGER. Bekah saw BEYOND THE WALL. Bekah also saw NIGHT TIDE and the ROCKY HORROR pilot. Elric gives his thoughts on the MARTYRS remake. Ryan revisited THE HOWLING, SLEEPY HOLLOW, ELVIRA MISTRESS OF THE DARK and POLTERGEIST II. Rob checked out the new Tim Burton flick MISS PEREGRINE'S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN and DONNIE DARKO.

Then the crew welcome special guest David Hartman to the show! The renowned artist is know for his cartooney monster drawings on, as well as his work for Rob Zombie. He has a history in animation with EXTREME GHOSTBUSTERS, TRANSFORMERS PRIME and GODZILLA. But now, as a lifelong horror fan, he's the director of the ambitious PHANTASM RAVAGER, the 5th and final film in Don Coscarelli's PHANTASM series. We delve into how the project came to be, why it took years to put together and how this is truly a labor of love for the fans. Kick back and enjoy!

Sep 30, 2016

This week on Shock Waves, your hosts Rob Galluzzo, Elric Kane, Rebekah McKendry and Ryan Turek kick off the show by paying tribute to the late, great Herschell Gordon Lewis, the "Godfather of Gore." Ryan reports back from Fantastic Fest with his thoughts on THE HANDMAIDEN, ARRIVAL, DARK SONG, SWEET SWEET LONELY SONG & more. The whole hang chime in about THE EXORCIST TV series. Elric saw Lucio Fulci's AENIGMA, CANDYMAN, BLOODY BIRTHDAY & MARTYRS. Bekah reports back on AMERICAN HORROR STORY & THEY'RE WATCHING. Rob tracked down and found FRIGHT NIGHT PART 2, FADE TO BLACK & RAWHEAD REX and did a double bill of the Spanish version of DRACULA with THE EVIL OF FRANKENSTEIN. 

Then the gang welcomes special guests Andrew Kasch (NEVER SLEEP AGAIN, TALES OF HALLOWEEN) and Buz Wallick (NEVER SLEEP AGAIN, HORROR'S HALLOWED GROUNDS) to discuss Halloween haunts, mazes and interactive theater. Both Andrew and Buz have been part of the ongoing "Tension Experience" for the last several months and try to explain to us the dense & intricate narrative that led to one of the most ambitious interactive events ever concocted (secretly) by Darren Lynn Bousman and Clint Sears. It's David Fincher's THE GAME, for real! And if you inadvertently joined a cult! Hearing is believing, so kick back and listen!

Sep 23, 2016

Lots going on for Episode 18 of Shock Waves! First up, announcement: you can now pre-order the official SHOCK WAVES T-Shirt, courtesy of our friends at Cavity Colors! Your hosts Rob Galluzzo (that's me!), Elric Kane and Rebekah McKendry catch up on all the latest horrors!

First up, Elric and Rob get into a debate over the new BLAIR WITCH, and the franchise as a whole. Rob finally revisited PARANORMAL ACTIVITY after years of avoiding the franchise, and also reports back on the superior "director's cut" of Brian De Palma's RAISING CAIN and the 3 new Stephen King Blu-Ray releases for CAT'S EYE, IT and SALEM'S LOT. Bekah watched PANDORUM, the 1979 STALKER and the 1996 MOBEIUS. Elric went back to David Lynch's THE ELEPHANT MAN, and caught up on our special guests films BONE, THE AMBULANCE & RETURN TO SALEM'S LOT.

Then we welcome very special guest Larry Cohen to the show. We delve into his humble early years in New York, writing for television, taking full control of his scripts for such films as IT'S ALIVE, Q THE WINGED SERPENT, GOD TOLD ME TO, THE STUFF, how he struck up a friendship with legendary director Sam Fuller, as well as with famed composer Bernard Herrmann and much, much more. He even teases us the plot of his latest script CAFFEINE! Prepare to be captivated by one of the Hollywood greats!

Sep 16, 2016

This week on Shock Waves, join hosts Rob Galluzzo, Elric Kane, Rebekah McKendry and Ryan Turek as they catch up on all the latest horrors! Bekah watched THE SHALLOWS, MURDER ROCK and the Thai horror flick COMING SOON. Elric reports back on DEMON, the 1984 cult flick THE POWER and the first 2 DEATH WISH movies. Ryan continued his Universal Monster binge with THE MUMMY'S HAND, as well as HOUSE ON SORORITY ROW and CAST A DEADLY SPELL. Rob chimes in with his thoughts on NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEB and the first 2 episodes of ASH VS EVIL DEAD Season 2! Then the group welcome on very special guest Greg McLean! They delve into the true story that inspired WOLF CREEK, his plans for the upcoming series and WOLF CREEK 3, his humble beginnings in filmmaking, teaming with James Gunn for THE BELKO EXPERIMENT and much, much more! Kick back and join the conversation!

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